Hi there!

 I am Emily – a Texas native, photographer and actress residing in New York City who loves to cook and just so happens to be an 9-year vegan! I’ve been cooking for awhile now and after many recipe requests over the years, I’ve decided to bite the bullet, show my millennial skin, and start a recipe blog.


My lifestyle as a vegan started almost 10 years ago in a rural town of Texas. Growing up, in the south and being meatless was not the most ideal lifestyle choice – as one can imagine. But I’ve always loved a challenge and once I set my mind to something it is most likely never changing. When I decided to go vegetarian, before committing to veganism a few years later, I had no idea how much it would change my life, or how invested I’d become in loving to cook. If I wanted to eat meatless dishes in Texas or at home that basically meant I had to make them myself. *challenge accepted*


I have always had a great interest in art. Whether it was painting, acting, photography…etc.. I think it took me until my mid-twenties to finally realize how much of an art form cooking can be. I would google vegan recipes and think, well hell I can make that and probably change it up and make it better. The first time I started creating recipes, all I wanted to do was call my mom and say, “You have to try this!”

Once I moved out of my small hometown I realized that commercial vegan and vegetarian options actually do exist. They aren’t as scary as some think and people love it! Despite common disbelief, you can be vegan anywhere, from a small rural town to the largest city in America.  As the years passed and the cities around me changed, I became more influenced and driven to turn any meal vegan.

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However, I kept thinking I needed formal training or a chef’s kitchen to actually create anything worth documenting. Well let me tell you – you don’t. And being a broke twenty-something in New York City, with dietary restrictions, you learn quickly how well you can make things for yourself without the assistance or luxury of eating at a restaurant everyday. Once I figured out I did not need to be a professional to eat healthy and creatively, it was like my eyes opened (yes I can hear you laughing from the cliche). I genuinely started having so much fun and began obsessing over what I was going to cook next.

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Living in a city like New York can take so much from you. Mentally, physically and spiritually. It is important to find things outside of your normal routine that help you settle and just reset yourself. For me, that has always been art and now it is cooking.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new foods and places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

(Oh, and my protein levels are through the roof, thanks for asking! )