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Southwestern Tofu Breakfast Scramble! (Vegan)

Did somebody say brunch?!     There are probably few things I love more than spending quality time with my favorite friends, enjoying endless mimosas, and an amazing meal. So at home I’ve spent quite awhile perfecting vegan brunch and you guys are going to love it! Whether you’re trying out vegan recipes for fun or…… Continue reading Southwestern Tofu Breakfast Scramble! (Vegan)


Homemade Sweet Potato Fries! (Vegan)

Ahh the good ole sweet potato. Let me start out by saying,  sweet potato fries are probably my favorite snack on the planet. Not only are they tasty, but they’re good for you too! I love very crispy fries and lots of them. This recipe is quite simple and can make as little or much as…… Continue reading Homemade Sweet Potato Fries! (Vegan)

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200 Calorie 10 min Pizzas!

First blog post! Alright friends, first recipe blog post is a GO and what better way to start than with PIZZA? Only 200 calories? Less than 10 mins? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but trust me – it’s so quick and so easy. This recipe is extremely cost and time effective. Just grab a package…… Continue reading 200 Calorie 10 min Pizzas!